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Dominican Republic Document Authentication Services


  • DC Notary Public: $5
  • DC Treasury: $15
  • US State Department: $8
  • Dominican Republic Fee: $125
  • Money Order Fee: $2
  • Translation of documents (all languages)
  • Copies Fee: $.75/page
  • $30 (Embassy of Dominican Republic Authentication)
  • Additional Services (If Applicable/Needed):
  • (If you choose these services, they will be added to the above Fee)
  • Add $25 – US State Department Authentication
  • Add $40 – DC Notary, DC Treasury   US State Department
  • Expedited Fee (If requested): $19.95

Documents requiring legalization will be processed through the Embassy of Dominican Republic. In order for the document to be recognized by the Embassy of Dominican Republic, it needs to be certified by the U.S. Department of State.

The U.S. State Department will not approve and seal your document until the State Treasury and Notary Public notarize it. As a part of our service, we can take your document(s) to DC Notary Public, DC Treasury and US Dept. of State before going to the embassy to be legalized.

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